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Car Lockout Service In Wichita, KS | A1 Tow Truck Of Wichita

Professional auto unlock service in Wichita, KS is here to get your car unlocked and get those keys out. Call A1 Tow Truck Of Wichita now (316) 469-5342

A car  locked is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to anyone. You are in a rush, thinking about other things, and soon enough you realize that there is none of that usual, jingly noise coming from your pockets or purse, or it is just too light of a weight than normal. After looking at every corner and in every pocket for your keys you begin nervously imagining the worst possible scenarios.

​Did I lose them? Or, have I locked  my keys in my car? Hopefully it’s the latter, which is still a better outcome than losing them, yet still quite frustrating. Especially if you have an important appointment very soon.

5 Tips To Prevent Car lockouts 

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  1. Attach noisy & bright accessories to your keychain.

​Having a loud, jingly accessory is a great way to notice when you don’t have your keys on you! By having a noisy, bright and possibly heavy attachment you are minimizing the risk of forgetting your keys anywhere, especially in your car. Plus, it is so much easier to find them right before leaving your house.

  1. Attach a bluetooth key chain gadget.

There are various kids of bluetooth accessories available these days which if paired and activated with you smartphone will produce a loud noise, which makes it easy to locate your keys. Some also have GPS capabilities, which can be set to trigger an alert on your smartphone if your keys are out of a specific range. Those apps can also literally guide you to the exact place where your lost keys are located.

  1. Get a bluetooth-powered lock.

This is even newer. Some lock  could actually work with your smartphone and eliminate the need for a key altogether! It might be a more expensive option, but in a long run- well worth it. You can not only lock  or unlock your car using your smartphone, but also start it, warm it up during the winter, pre-set the temperature, receive all sorts of alerts and notifications, etc.

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  1. Have replacement car keys.

This is classic, but a good one that works. A cheap and effective method to avoid locking your keys in your car is simply having a spare BOTH on hand and in a designated place at home. This way you are safe even if you lock  your car far from home. Make sure you don’t attach the duplicate key to the original keychain, otherwise you’ll be laughing at yourself for a while.

  1. Have a car lockout kit.

Those can be bought online or at a local store with an auto department. This backup solution is especially good to have in case you locked  your keys out in some remote area without good wireless signal, otherwise it is better to call our Spokane locksmith and let the professional do this job. You don’t want to run the risk of damaging your car. Still, it is a good option when nothing else is available. ​

Car Lockout Service In Wichita, KS


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